Concession Items

Duel Chamber Margarita Machine



  • Twin Bowl Slush Machine/Dispenser dimensions: 32 7/8in H x 15in W x 15in D
  • Features self-contained twin bowl design
  • Serves two delicious frozen flavors simultaneously
  • Features 3.7 gallon capacity per bowl

Cotton Candy Machine


 Create perfectly sweet and fluffy cotton candy with this easy-to-operate cotton candy machine, which quickly produces up to 2-3 cotton candy cones per minute. 

Cotton Candy Machine


 The Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine from Paragon spins delicious cotton candy and is very easy to use. The 5" spinning head will product 180 servings per hour.

Pop Corn Machine



  • High Output, hard coated anodized Kettle
  • Stainless Steel Food Zone & Tempered Glass panels
  • Old Maid Drawer to Catch Unpopped Kernels
  • Built in Warming Deck
  • Presentation Lamp
  • Sturdy Steel Cabinet

Pop Corn Machine


 Featuring 1320W of power, this machine will keep hot popcorn flowing as quickly as your guests can eat it up! The unit's bright red stainless steel frame and printed graphics will catch the eye of passing customers and draw them in for a delicious snack 

Hot Dog Roller



  • Great for hot dogs, egg rolls, taquitos, and sausages
  • Independent front and rear controls for both cooking and holding
  • High-torque motor ensures reliability, durability, and low maintenance
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • 120V; 750W

Hot Dog Steamer


 This unit not only accommodates any size hot dogs and sausages, but it allows them to be cooked simultaneously.   This hot dog steamer has a submersible heavy duty stainless steel heating element that will shut off when the water in the 8 quart water reservoir drops below a certain level. For added versatility, an adjustable thermostat allows this unit to operate in a wide variety of cooking and holding conditions. The Dog Hut hot dog steamer has a maximum capacity of 175 hot dogs and 40 buns.  

Chaffing Dishes


 This roll top chafer is perfect for busy buffet lines. It comes with, and is designed to hold, a full size food pan with an 8 qt. capacity. An included dripless water pan helps to collect moisture beneath the food pan to protect tables and counters from water spots, while at the same time, the versatile roll top cover allows for safe, easy access by staff and guests alike. 

Sno-Cone Machine


 Create delicious, refreshing snow cones with the Paragon 6133410 Cooler snow cone machine! This snow cone machine features Paragon's own signature, eye-catching design. Its 1/3 hp motor processes up to 500 lb. of ice per hour for maximum output, and the 36" drain tube ensures consistent, even drainage.  

Sno-Cone Machine


 With the ability to grind up to 500 lb. of ice per hour, this 4 1/4" diameter hopper makes it easy to drop ice into the machine. Plus, the 1400 RPM motor is designed to work efficiently and consistently throughout the day. 

Cold Beverage Dispenser


 This Choice black slim beverage dispenser combines eye-catching style with superior service, making it perfect for serving refreshing beverages at your outdoor eatery or casual catered event! With a generous 3 gallon capacity, this beverage dispenser will minimize the time spent refilling. Simply place it at your beverage station, fill it, and  enjoy your signature iced tea, punch, or lemonade! 

55 Cup Coffee Urn


 This 55 cup stainless steel coffee urn is a magnificent addition to any church, office, catered event, or any other application where there's a need to quickly make a lot of coffee. It includes a built-in thermostat that keeps coffee at ideal serving temperatures at all times and boil dry protection that turns the unit off when coffee runs out to prevent damage. 

5' Towable Charcoal Pig Roaster


There is nothing like a great Pig Roast! This unit will hold up to 185# hog. Load up the charcoal and whatever wood you have for the flavor, close the lid and walk away. 

5' Propane Grill



It’s party sized! This 8-burner gas grill delivers 116,000 BTUs of heat over a 1,006 sq. in. surface, plus the legs fold to fit in a standard pickup bed.

  • 1,006 sq. in. cooking surface
  • Two 624 sq. in. folding side shelves
  • Folding cart design lets you transport grill in standard pickup bed
  • Locking casters for onsite mobility