About Us


Bistro Lighting

We install all of our lighting in the tents. This a a 40x80 with the bistro lights run throughout it. We run a thin wire all through the tents from the perimeter poles to the center poles and sweep it throughout the tent.


Bistro Lights

This it what they look like. There is a 3 watt led bulb every 12 inches on a white cord.


Globe lighting

this is our globe lighting in a 20x30 pole tent. 1 set of globe lighting will cover 35 feet which we install around the permeter of our tents.


Globe Lighting

Our globe lighting is a 40 watt led bulb in a 8"inch white globe spaced every 8 feet.


4 Globe Chandelier

 The Celina Tent Party Chandelier has 4 globes that are 6" (152.4 mm) in diameter and hang from a 20' (6.1 m) white cord. This Party Chandelier uses a standard 60 watt light bulb and is weather and water resistant.