Heaters and Fans


Water Mister Fan

This unit can be used as just a fan or with the mister switch on it turns into an awesome mister. It has a 5 gallon holding tank that will last up to 5 hours. All you need is a power source to run the fan. The fan has three speeds and also a control on the mister to limit the amount of water that come out. It stands 6 feet high and the fan can be set in one direction or swing back and forth.


24" Bronze Mister

This little guy throws off a big mist! It stands 4 feet tall and needs a garden hose and electric to run it. 


36" Commercial Fan.

 If you need some air movement around your tent this is the fan! Pivot-action fan allows 360 degree swivel for tilt angle airflow adjustments Double locking wire guards safely enclose fan bladesBuilt-in cord wrap 6" diameter axle-mounted wheels Lift handles and wheels allow for easy portability 


190,000 BTU Tent Heater


This HeatStar Nomad Direct-Fired Forced Air Heater is ideal for enclosed construction site spaces, temporary structures or tents. It is a highly fuel efficient, portable, cost-effective heater that can be used with or without a duct or diffuser. Manage comfortable temperatures, shorter pre-heat times and fuel consumption, using high or low settings. Dual fuel unit can use natural gas or LP gas at the flip of a switch.


Patio Heater

 When the cool evenings come, dont stop your outdoor activity. This beautiful matte bronze outdoor propane heater is all that you need to keep entertaining outdoors year round. This tall outdoor heater emits 41,000 BTUs of warmth in a 10-15 diameter. This patio heater includes thermcouple and anti-tilt safety devices.